I am currently a Level 1 IFS practitioner located near Bath, England, with a background in holistic healthcare. For many years I practised homeopathy in New York City and on Long Island as well as in my home town of Bath in England, but since 2020 I have worked exclusively online.

I offer IFS and/or homeopathy depending on the personal needs and wishes of my clients.

Since my early twenties I have had personal experience of several kinds of psychotherapy – Gestalt, Freudian, psychodynamic, Jungian. Having discovered IFS in recent years, I can see that its parts-based, Self-directed model represents a paradigm shift in psychotherapy – an approach that is simple to grasp but radical and far-reaching, truly holistic in its mind/body/spirit orientation.

As a client and now as a practitioner, I have discovered that it is extremely effective in helping people to navigate through personal issues and come to live a more free and fulfilling life.

I work with current and new clients in the US and UK, and now with clients anywhere in the world.

I am continuing my training in IFS through self-directed study, supervision, my own therapy and further IFS training, starting with Level 2 in December 2022.

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